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Desert Spring Furnace Humidifier

Desert Spring Furnace Humidifiers Saves Water And Energy.

A company called Desert Spring Products has created a series of furnace-mount humidifiers. If you live by the ocean, humidity levels are near perfect. A Desert Spring furnace humidifier can generate similar conditions in our homes, affording you and your family the positive effects of water on your health and your home.

There are many benefits to keeping your home properly humidified. 1. Health – A Desert Spring furnace humidifier can make the air quality in your home better, thus easing itchy, dry skin that is caused by dry air. Humidified air can also improve your complexion and hair. Desert Spring furnace humidifiers can help if you have allergies and breathing problems by removing allergens and dust from the air. 2. Home – Dry air can cause gaps in hardwood floors. Wooden tables and other furniture can crack. When your home is humidified by a Desert Spring furnace humidifier, the chances of damage from dry air are lessened considerably, not to mention reducing that annoying static electricity. 3. Desert Spring furnace humidifiers are known for their efficient use of water while using the minimum amount of energy.

Desert Spring has three different models of furnace-mounted humidifiers: 1. The Rotary Disc Furnace Mount Humidifier is so efficient that it produces 1 gallon of humidity for every gallon of water it uses. It does this while using very little energy. It is self-cleaning. The minerals left behind during the humidifying process collect in the bottom. It can easily be removed and emptied. 2. The Pulsed Flow-Through Humidifier saves about 80% of the water that other flow-through humidifiers use. 3. The Drum Humidifier with Drain is the entry-level humidifier of the Desert Spring furnace humidifiers. This humidifier allows you to flush away the materials left in the water pan. The Desert Spring furnace humidifier series not only will help you save water over other humidifiers, but you will save energy in the winter. Air that is humidified by a Desert Spring furnace humidifier feels warmer, so in the winter you can set your thermostat lower and save money.

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