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Furnace Mount Humidifier Has Energy Savings And Health Benefits.

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Furnace Mount Humidifier

Furnace Mount Humidifier Has Energy Savings And Health Benefits.

A furnace mount humidifier benefits a home and its occupants by modifying the relative humidity in each room. During the winter months, a home heated with forced air can become dangerously dry and contribute to conditions such as asthma, nosebleeds, respiratory problems, and dry skin. When a furnace mount humidifier is installed, it can effectively regulate the relative humidity in a home. The furnace mount humidifier accomplishes this by induction and evaporation, taking moisture from water and introducing it into the house in a warm stream of air.

Energy efficient as well, the furnace mount humidifier can make a house feel warmer than it actually is. A ten percent increase in humidity in a home can make the air feel one degree warmer, a furnace mount humidifier results in a 69 degree room feeling as though it’s 72 degrees. The furnace mount humidifier is available in two different types, a drum style or a flow through style, both controlled by a hygrostat. Both types will efficiently and safely humidify an entire house which uses a forced air heating system.

The drum style furnace mount humidifier will typically have a higher air output than a flow through style of the same size. However, the drum style furnace mount humidifier, at 100% efficiency, can also result in over humidification, especially in today’s homes with superior insulation and construction. The flow through style, while less efficient, can perform just as satisfactorily in a well insulated home. An added benefit to the flow through furnace mount humidifier is maintenance cost, usually much lower than a drum style. These factors should be weighed when choosing between the two types of furnace mount humidifiers. Normally, a furnace mount humidifier is installed with the forced air heating unit, however, it can be installed afterward providing you can find a model which will function with your heating unit.

Regardless of whether you choose a flow through style, or the drum style as a furnace mount humidifier, you will soon see and feel the advantages, not only in energy savings, but also in the added health benefits the units provide.

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