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Whole House Furnace Humidifier

For Larger Environments at Home, Whole House Furnace Humidifiers May be the Answer.

You may have heard people talking about how they have benefited from having a whole house furnace humidifier installed in their home, and may be your wondering what the benefits are. The main reason why people have whole house furnace humidifiers installed are for health reasons. Experts note that the ideal humidity level in a home should be maintained at a steady 30 to 50 percent for healthy indoor air quality, this is something that many homes do not have.

Unstable levels of humidity in your home can leave you experiencing sore throats, itchy skin, dry nose, or nose bleeds. Viruses thrive in low humidity environments, which can result in you becoming sick more frequent. People who have respiratory ailments such as COPD, asthma or weakened immune systems, can become severely ill resulting in improper humidity levels and poor indoor air quality. Having a whole house furnace humidifier installed can provide you with the proper level of humidity that is recommended, in addition to stopping additional health irritants. In most homes you will find one of the two following types of whole house furnace humidifiers, they are the flow through type whole house furnace humidifier and the drum and disc wheel whole house furnace humidifiers. Flow through whole house furnace humidifiers are connected to the nearest drain in your floor, it operates by having a constant light stream of water which drips down into a screen.

When air is blown through this screen, it picks up moisture and is distributed into your home via heating ducts. The drum style whole house furnace humidifier has a sponge that is attached to a wheel, when this wheel spins, the sponge is dragged across the water reservoir where it is dampened. When your furnace kicks on, the air is forced through the sponge where it picks up moisture then it travels through your duct work out into your home. There is no doubt that having a whole house furnace humidifier installed into your home will have your health back on track. whole house furnace humidifiers are affordable, and some units cost pennies a year to operate, and literally require little or no maintenance from the homeowner.

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